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motivation minimal

Errr. I trying to even get my ass to the gym. At least eating is back on track. i seeing this guy tonight and we are increasingly hanging out more and more. i wonder what it all means because we are both non-commitment people, or at least right now and at least on my side.

small 2"square of quiche
1/4 molasses cookie
snow peas

realistically I will probably be drinking wine tonight which means I should probably eat another little something. to be honest, i prob. wont. i need to keep this fasting thing up until the weekend. that's when i am visiting sd.

at least it's a fucking beautiful week in seattle. i could desperately use it. please stay cool at night, weather.

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I always say the same things: you can do it! etc. and I know I can. But what if a part of me is afraid of losing weight? When I was tiny, I felt so empty. Given, it was a difficult part in my life and that had a lot to do with it, I can be happy and small and maintain my contentment and zest for life now. It would be completing everything that I want for me. I want a good job, a social life, and a figure to die for. I can have all of those things, I just need to make ME a priority.

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I haven' t posted in here in awhile.  Mostly, I have gained all my weight back minus three pounds.  Thank goodness I am getting back on track.  I went to the gym three days last week and went on a long walk on Saturday.  I WILL work out FIVE days this week.  

I also want to get back into pilates.  I have been doing ab pilates routines at home and they make me feel so much better.  I miss it.  Maybe I can figure out how to afford it....